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Apr 17, 2008

Whoa, What a 2 weeks!

So much beautiful spring weather and so little time! We have been extra busy with yard work, appointments, taking our son fishing, taking our son fishing, taking...... Yes, we have an adult, Asperber's Syndrome affected son who likes to fish, especially if he catches something, which he did 2 times in a row, so his fixation is leaning heavily toward fishing. We go to a local park and while he fishes I use the time to practice. It is very relaxing and I get something accomplished, can't beat that!
One of our son's fixations is photography. He really likes to photograph flowers. He is taking a nature photography class in adult education and we hope that someday he will be able to at least partially support himself with it. One in every 100 children today are being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, so chances are that you know someone, either a friend, family, or neighbor who is touched by it. To learn more about Asperger's Syndrome, go here
for some links to some great information!

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