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Jun 29, 2008

KY Music Week Highlights!

Kentucky Music Week 2008
...was the best week I have had in years! I enjoyed every minute and I am so greatful to have been able to be a part of it! This is Jory Hutchens, the 17 year old fiddle player who taught the fiddle at the 2008 Kentucky Music Week in Boston, KY. He is a great fiddler and a teacher and we enjoyed his sharing his talent with us. Below are two videos of him and his father playing for the class on the last day.

This is Guy George, musician extroardinaire! He plays many instruments including, saxaphone, steel drum, tin whistle, and hammer dulcimer. He was a delightful, creative teacher in our tin whistle class. He made the hard work fun!

This is Susan Trump who taught the hammer-ons and pull offs to mountain dulcimer players. I made a video of her playing but the sound was messed up so I can only provide a snap shot. She is a meticulous teacher and helped me to improve on my strumming as well the hammer-ons and pull-offs.

Another dulcimer class was with Butch Ross, a dulcimer artist! He taught us how to make an arrangement for a dulcimer group that would help to fill in the gaps and have a full, melodious sound. It was challenging for me as I had forgotten an awful lot of the music theory that I studied in college. I tend to play by ear now but this class forced me to apply my mind to the music. As another classmate put it, I am once again paper trained! I didn't get a good snap shot of him, so this is borrowed from his website and it is linked to his YouTube page.

My last class of the day was with Robert Force, the most unique dulcimer player and teacher I have ever encountered. He exudes dulcimer music that makes your senses sway with the breeze and the rise and fall of the ocean waves. Although the class was advanced for me, I could only want for more as the week progressed. I was able to pick up a few things and I hope to improve in the future and maybe someday..... My camera batteries died and I did not get any video but I did get this snapshot. It is linked to his webpage.

And to the lady who makes it all possible, Nancy Barker! Nancy is the organizer of this festival and she does a terrific job. She brings in great talent to instruct us, wonderful volunteers to help, and creates a very workable schedule!

If you are a folk musician, novice or accomplished, check out the KMW website and maybe you can be a part of the 2009 festival! You may never look at music the same way again!

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