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Jul 28, 2008

The Weekend Music Blast

The Kentucky Music Weekend is something I have always wanted to attend, but until this year, was not able to do so. There were always family things that took my attention away from it but this year, with all of my kids fledged, I am getting to do some of those long lost things that I missed over the years, like learning to play the dulcimer! I never imagined that I would actually be a part of it!
---This past weekend's festival was filled with loads of good music and lots of fun! If you missed it, you missed a really good time!
---There were dulcimer competitions in mountain and hammered dulcimer, in adult and youth divisions. All entrants played well and the winners received a new dulcimer.
--- The photos tell the story! To the left is one of our youngest members, the banjo player, jamming outside the gate with an onlooker. He is very talented and has a bright musical future ahead of him. He is the 3rd generation of musicians from a musical family!

---To the right is Melanie, a member of the Louisville Dulcimer Society also. She played a couple of my favorite tunes in the key of e minor, on the darker side, as some say, but I love the tone of minor songs on the dulcimer. I especially liked her version of "Red Rocking Chair".

---Another of our members, Don Neuhauser, (I hope that is spelled right!) whom I sadly did not get a photo of, played his Galax dulcimer in the traditional style with a noter and a turkey feather! He builds Galax dulcimers! I think they should have a competition just for this style of playing. Don makes wonderful, old time music with his instruments!

This is Vera, another very talented member of the society. She played guitar, sang, and even did a dulcimer tune as well. She has a beautiful, clear voice. She accompanied our group and the Heartland Dulcimer Club who came from Elizabethtown to play a set of several songs too!

---Another member, Molly McCormick, also played and sang some of the adorable children's songs that she uses in her classroom. She plays multiple instruments and has made several albums. You can see them here!

---This emsemble played a set but I did not get to hear them as we were back stage warming up for our time to play. Tucker Thomas is on the mountain dulcimer. He's also a talented member of our group. He was the master of ceremonies for all of the afternoon's events.
---I sure wish I had more photos but these were taken by my son who was hot and miserable and not really wanting to work for me, so I guess I am lucky to have gotten these few.

---We did not attend the evening concerts but I would like to have gone. I look forward to Nancy being back next year and I know there will be a great line up of talent for the 2009 Kentucky Music Weekend! Hope to see you there!

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