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Sep 1, 2008

Heirloom Gardening and Seed Bags

Vintage Seed Bags
I have been making seed bags this week in preparation for the fall festivals and craft fairs, although I am only doing a few of them this year. We had one almost every weekend last year from Sept. to mid Dec. but there has been less working capital this year and it limits how many I can apply for. (Click on photo for a closer look!)

These little seed bags are one of the things I have been working on this past week. I print old Burpee Seed catalog covers on muslin and then make them into bags. I also age them with tea and other stains. The upper one is from 1936 and the lower one is from an 1888 seed catalog.

"The Tomato Man", Gary Millwood, whom I met at the Bellewood Presbyterian Children's Home Arts and Crafts Show in 2007, directed me to a site of a Burpee seed catalogue collector friend of his who hosts the images. (Unfortunately, there was no Bellewood show this year.)

Gary introduced me, or re-introduced me actually, to the nearly lost practice of heirloom gardening. My parents and grandparents did this by saving and sharing seed from year to year, rather than buying seed or seedlings for their gardens. It is slowly coming back as people begin to learn that more and more heirloom plants will disappear if they are not kept in use. I have purchased some heirloom tomatoes and plan to keep the seed and try it next year. Gardening has been slow for me this summer as my knees will not cooperate. Hopefully they will be in better working order next spring.
Wish me luck!

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