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Sep 21, 2008

Wow, an entire week with no lights!!! Last Sunday's gig at the Irish Fest actually went on in spite of the terrible winds that brought our city to a near halt. I wasn't there but a few of my fellow strummers did show up to play! Awesome dedication!

We camped out in our house this past week with no power. By Tuesday, everything in our freezers had gone bad and we had to toss about $250 worth of food. :( We did have hot water because our water heater is gas operated and it was not affected. The following week's weather was in our favor so we were able to keep windows open and used candles and flashlights at night to get around. Since hubby is home (currently job hunting, which was delayed a week due to this) we did get a few things done that did not require power and we actually had time to talk to one another, imagine that! And of course, I had plenty of time to practice my acoustic, non electric dulcimer as well!

Our city was an unbelievable site with trees and limbs down on nearly every street, many on top of homes and cars and many on power lines which kept us in the dark. We ourselves fared very well with only a few small branches and leaves to clean up. I always say a prayer for our 4 trees when we have high winds because they are large and I would hate to lose them. Our utilities are underground, and we are guessing that a transformer was blown somewhere near us.
This coming week we will be "playing catch-up" from the things we weren't able to do last week. I have a show coming up the first weekend of October. I will be at the Lincoln Days Celebration in Hodgensville, KY that weekend selling my hand mades. I have much sewing and other work to do in preparation for it.

This past Saturday morning, two of my girlhood friends and I attended a class to learn how to cast plant leaves in concrete to create garden art to use as bird baths, feeders, ornaments, or whatever you want to do with them... We had to leave them there to dry and I can't wait to see how they came out! We all hope to make more of them as Christmas gifts for family and friends. I will post pictures of them when they are finished!

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