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Dec 13, 2008


...December has come so quickly. I am not ready. This probably is the hardest time of year for a myriad of reasons. I have not been posting this month but I have been adding a zillion photos to my facebook page. (You will have to join facebook to view them.) My aunt and uncle celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last weekend and we traveled to attend their surprise party. It was a surprise and it was good to see all of the family I have not seen in over a year. I sometimes hate living so far away.
....I am listening to a cd collection of American Folk Christmas songs that most would not recognize because they are not the usual carols that most poeple I know would know and sings every year. The artists are Mike and Peggy Seeger and some others that I do not know their names. The cd is titled "American Folk Songs for Christmas"and is available from Rhapsody and other sites. You can listen to them from the website for free for a limited time. Some might not like the folk grammer but to change it would ruin it. The songs are true to the areas from which they came. I am learning some of them to play on dulcimer.
....The photos are of barn quilts that I snapped last weekend while driving through Carter Caves and Greenbo Lake State Parks last weekend. We rented a cabin at Carter Caves. Their cabins are very nice and I would love to get a group together and spend a weekend there! It would be great for a retreat for an organization, complete with a handicapped accessable cabin.

Courthouse Steps block
outside of the Carter County courthouse, Grayson, KY
Pinwheel/star pattern

schoolhouse square

The Jesse Stuart Lodge at Greenbo Lake St. Park

Old Town Bridge in Greenup Co. KY

Wildlife in the park


  1. Hey, I love your photos...they are really nice...

  2. Thanks, I really love the barn quilts and wildlife! I hope to make a collection of the barn quilts from all over the state. So far I have only seen a few in Eastern Ky but there are others all over the state.