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Jan 11, 2009


....What a weekend! It was wonderful! I forgot to take my camera so I don't have any pictures to place here but I hope to borrow some from other attendees.
....Larry is between jobs right now so we started out early Friday afternoon so we would have time to unpack and settle in before the festival began. After dinner we jammed late into the night, about 1:30 am, I think. In case you do not know, a jam is a collection of various musicians who get together and play music for the fun of it! Our jams are full of mostly old time music like our parents and grandparents might have sang as they did chores, danced, or rocked babies. I have learned many a song from playing in jams.
....On Saturday, we had classes all day until 5 pm. I had classes with Terry Lewis for 4 sessions and 2 sessions with Maureen Sellers. Terry is an energetic guy and a great teacher. I like the way he presents songs slowly to give you a feel of it before taking off. Pam, his wife, was with him, but she was not teaching. She is a great teacher of baritone dulcimer. She accompanied Terry in the Saturday night instructor concert. I would love to go to their free week long Cumberland Gap Dulcimer Gathering May 8 - 9, 2009. It takes place in the park and camp sites fill up fast! There are hotels around the area also if you aren't into camping. Terry says the park will sponsor spring wild flower hikes this year and there is an historical reenactment that goes on nearby for spouses who might prefer to do other things. It begins the week before Mother's Day. It used to be a weekend event but more and more folks began coming earlier and earlier until it stretched out into a week long festival.

....Maureen's classes were a challenge for me but gave me many new things to work on. I think by the time I got to her classes, I was so pooped that I couldn't do much anyway. She teaches in a more academic, structured style but she makes it fun and left me wanting to learn more. Maureen will be teaching at an Edlerhostel in May that is sponsored by Bellermine University, right here in Louisville. You can get more info from the Elderhostel site.

....I have plenty of homework, that is for sure! I think I have to say for both of them, Terry and Maureen, that they are very patient teachers! A great trait when working with students like me!

....We are gearing up for our own festival, the Ohio Valley Gathering coming up in March. It is sponsored by the Louisville Dulcimer Society and will be held at the Lexington Downtown Hotel and Conference Center, March 27, 28, and 29. The fee is only $5.00! You get classes, concerts and jams for just $5 bucks! Of course room and board are your responsibility. Click here to download an application and more information!

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