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Apr 11, 2009

A Hard Week

...Yesterday, I posted a response on an ebay group I belong to, when someone asked about our plans for the holiday weekend. I had not really thought much about it until I began writing my answer.
...Then I began to feel bad because we had no plans for a big family gathering and a mouth watering, home cooked dinner. Instead, we had a nice holiday meal with the family, today, at a Chinese restaurant! How homey is that?
...I was not ready for this holiday! I had planned to make and place a whole array of things at the antique mall and on ebay for spring, but I haven't kept up with it like I wanted to do. I guess I need to adjust my priorities so I don't get bogged down.
...This has been an especially hard week. Hubby had to turn down a position because of various reaons relating to family responsibilities and it was very hard to do. The position was in Reno, Nevada, far away from Kentucky for sure, but only a few hundred miles from my daughter whom I would have loved to have been able to visit. But it would have meant either leaving our disabled son here, alone, or moving him with us and giving up what services he gets and starting over in another state, waiting months on approvals for his housing and other needs to be met. And besides that, the position was a 4 year contract position that offered no benefits, no holiday pay, and no vacation, that could end with little notice. We would have been responsible for all of our relocation expenses, including getting there in the first place, even if we chose not to move. So it was very complicated. We just did not see how it could work. Yet we may soon regret not taking it.
I suppose if we were 20 somethings, we would have jumped at it, but we aren't. 50 something is not a good time to have to make such choices. So hubby is going door to door, verifying addresses for the 2010 census for little pay that nowhere near meets our needs. My time is spent taking care of either him or my son. It is depressing. I hate getting old.
...Well, I don't like to whine and complain. Sometimes things just stink, whether you like it or not.

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