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May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

........At least the sun was shining! We are both fighting colds right now and I have lost my voice. We are going to celebrate on Thursday! How about that? A Mother's Day on Thursday? Whatever works!

.....The sun was shining and I did get to spend a little time in the swing in the backyard. I love watching the birds this time of year. The Carolina Wrens were busy flying in and out of the woodpile and stopping frequently by the compost bin on their way to grab something to eat. I am wondering if they have any hatchlings yet, or if it is the male bringing food to the female wren while she sits on the nest. Wrens are funny little birds. They are one of the smallest yet they have one of the loudest songs. The male builds two or three nests and the female chooses which one she will nest in! She apparently chose the woodpile for her nesting place.
There also was a lady downy woodpecker that landed on the tree behind me and watched for a second and then went on her way. I have suet feeders out as well as safflower seed in the feeders that the woodpeckers and sapsuckers love. The newest birds I have seen this spring are Rose Breasted Grossbeaks. I have seen them in the past but only one bird, and only one time. This year there has been a group of them frequenting the feeders. They seem to really like the safflower and they have been coming back regularly.
(Flea Bane in the photo above: city weed)

Our bushy tailed friends have built a nest in our oak tree so I looks like there will be a squirrel family coming soon. They are delightful to watch at anytime, but are especially fun when they have young. We have watched a mother squirrel carry the young ones in her mouth and move them around. The first time I saw this happen, I thought it was a squirrel with two tails! But she turned to an angle that exposed the baby and I realized it was 2 squirrels!
Now, if I would just mow everything down and pave the backyard, I wouldn't have to enjoy all of this nature in my backyard, or so says the city weed police. I think I will keep my little friends, an my "weeds". Our backyard is a "Backyard Habitat" certified by the National Wildlife Federation, #40354!

American Gold Finch

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