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Dec 6, 2009

Bon Air Library Gig

The Louisville Dulcimer Society played for the Hot Cocoa Social at the Bon Air Library on Saturday afternoon, Dec. 5th.  Larry and I arrived too late to play so we sat in the audience and enjoyed the music!  It was a mixed experience for me because I wanted to be up there playing but I enjoyed listening as well.  I met a member I had not known before and was intrigued by her stories of her playing past.  I hope I can get some of them written down and use them in the newsletter.  Here are the pics I took with
my phone, not the best quality, but pictures, none the less:

    On Friday night, Dec. 4th, there was a group of us who played at the Ky Arts and Crafts Museum during the Trolley Hop.  The Museum is in downtown Louisville, on Main Street, right next door to the Science Museum.  We played on the second floor and were told that the music could be heard all the way down the stairs to the front door.  People came and went and some sat and listened while enjoying a snack provided on tables in the room by the museum.  About half way through the evening, a group of graduate students from the University of Louisville School of Music walked in and began singing along with us.  What a treat!  And an unusual one at that, because these kids were professional musicians with gorgeous voices!  It took me back to my days as a music student in college.  You just never know what is going to happen when you play a gig!~  This was one night I truly regretted forgetting my camera!

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