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Jul 17, 2010

A Time for Every Season..... Free Pantry Jar Labels!

   Music has taken up a great deal of time lately and I want to do more creating in other ways.  I took a native flute class at Kentucky Music Week and I am really enjoying creating songs of my own with it.
   I joined a swap group on Facebook to help get myself motivated to work on other things.  I have created some labels for pantry jars that I will be making and I will add photos of the finished jars when they are done.  I have also accumulated a trove of stencils that I will be putting to use.  I have spent hours searching for information and inspiration and I am ready to begin.
   The following images are a couple of the labels that I have designed. 

    These labels can be printed on paper (they look really prim on Kraft paper) or fabric for any creative use including jars, bags, altered books, scrapbooking, etc...  You may use them if you like.  Please give credit for their design to Teri West!  Have fun with them!

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