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Jan 5, 2011

A New Year and New Things are Coming!

   The past 2 years have wrought so much change in my life that I cannot even begin to describe it.  I have been crafting for most of my life and have been playing music for most of my life.  Now I am at a juncture where my two favorite things are conflicting.  I want to pursue excellence in my music but I also want to continue creating.  It appears that I am going to have to decide just how much of each I am going to pursue.  I would not give up either, so there is going to have to be a balance point at which I can do both with integrity.
   I have been creating and selling artwork for about 10 years.  It has been a true therapy for me as I deal with an adult Asperger's Syndrome child, an unsteady work history for hubby, and the everyday stresses that we all endure in life.
   I will not be offering things for sale online unless I receive special requests. (If you see something you might like to have made, contact me with a message and I will make arrangements with you personally.)
   I will continue to offer handmade items in my booth (#76) at the Derby City Antique Mall on Old Bardstown Road in Beuchel, KY and I will also continue to list my electronic download and print items in my Etsy store.   
   I have found over the past 3 years, since becoming involved with my music again, that I struggle to keep up with the posting, sales, and shipping.  Thus my decision that change is needed.
     The love of music has emerged to the forefront and that is where most of my energies will be spent.  New creations will be coming in the form of musical compositions and arrangements, classes for beginners, performances, and handmade dulcimer related items such as pick bags, hammer bags, and other things.  I have a new beginning Dulcimer book in the works that I hope to use and eventually offer for sale.  
   I want to thank all of the folks who have purchased my items over the years and please know that you are appreciated!  I will continue to post on this blog about the things I make but I will also include notes relating to my life and music. 

      Upcoming events:

  • Jan. 7-9                Kentucky Music's Winter Dulcimer Weekend in Bardstown, KY
  • Jan. 28-30           Corydon Dulcimer Soc. Retreat at Spring Mill State Park in                         Mitchell, IN
  • Mar 25-27           The Ohio Valley Gathering in Indianapolis, IN

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