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Mar 23, 2011

Bunny Swap!

I am a member of "Swap It" on Facebook and this is the bunny I have created for the bunny swap!  I used the pattern by Ravenwood Whimzies for the rabbit and designed the dress on my own.  I didn't get her finished in time for the drawing that Ravenwood had on March 16th, but I appreciate her generously offering the pattern to us!
   Here are some photos of "Hazel".  She currently has no face but I am not sure if I will add one or not.


She is holding lavender sprigs in one arm.

Her dress has six little pockets across the front.  I have filled some of them with dried botanicals.

 She is lightly grunged with hazelnut coffee and walnut stain.

The lavender is from my own garden.


  1. Wonderful Bunny.
    I didnt get my Basil bunny finished in time for the challange either. Life keeps getting in the way. Hopefully, Wendy will host another challange and I can get my life calmed down enough to actually join in on the fun.

    Ive never heard of FB swap groups!
    How fun!!

  2. She is soooo cute!
    Do you have more?

  3. Craft Cabin, I can make more of them with different outfits, I generally do not sell from my blog but I do accept requests. Thanks!

  4. Tammy, just search for "Swap It" on Facebook if you want to find it. I signed up for the bunny swap and found the bunny pattern a few days later and knew it would be great for the swap. I have my own patterns too but I wanted to try Wendy's to see how it came out! I was very please with it!