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May 27, 2011

A Few Changes

    Things have been a little crazy the past few weeks as my hubby lost his job and has been fervently seeking another, but besides that, the pace has picked up greatly with my musical activities as we begin the summer of festivals and playing lots of gigs with the Louisville Dulcimer Society.  In the past 3 weeks, we have played 6 gigs, two of which I led, one of them today.  You can double that number if you include the practices because we always practice the Tuesday night before a gig.
  It never ceases to amaze me that there are some practices that do not go as well as I would like, but when we actually play, it seems to all come together for the most part.  Some may say that because we play for schools and senior centers most of the time that it doesn't matter, but it matters greatly to me.  I probably push the practices too much and I know folks get tired of going over a song repeatedly, but that's the way I learned to do it.
   On another hand, we are a group of folks who like to just get together and play without a lot of organization and just a few rules to manage the jams.  The difference between a jam and a performance right now is practice.  Someday, that gap will close as we get better at what we do.  I look forward to that day.
   Craft wise, when hubby became unemployed, I lost my interest, partly out of disappointment, but also because of the cost involved in participating in festivals and fairs, not to mention supplies.  I don't work outside the home so his income is our only income and things are tight when he doesn't work.  I hope that the interest will surface again soon and I will get busy with some new projects.
    Thankfully, the music interest does not leave me, probably because it is a very fulfilling part of my life.

 P.S.  I have added a  playlist at the end of the page.  If you do not like the music, you can turn it off on the player, but I hope you will listen and be introduced to some music from the past that has long been forgotten.
This is our heritage.

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