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Mar 21, 2008

Photos as promised!

Okay, here it is! Now remember, I said clean, not decluttered! Actually I spent a lot of time regrouping things, so I still have a few things left to do.
This was one of my regrouping projects; this skinny ladder was covered with holly and red berries so I changed it to spring. I had to take 2 berry garlands, one holly garland, and a string of lights off of it and clean them before storing them. After cleaning the ladder, I use a spring garland to which I added about 12 spring berry sprays to help fill it in, and finally, I added a string of minilights. I still want to add some spring ornies but I have to make them yet! You can click on the photos to see
larger versions!

The big story! This is a shot of the larger portion of the room. I love lighting, obviously, and I have lots of little lamps and lighted things in the room. I have made some of them but some I have purchased. The dolls in the hutch are my daughter's collection which I am keeping for her until she has her own home to display them. The table to the left is my "getting ready to have an open house/book sale next week" project, so it would not be there otherwise.

This is my grapevine tree which sits in front of one of my LR windows. I wrap it in lights and add berry sprigs and such to it. It sits on a small table and is surrounded by some really chunky potpourri with grapevine balls and such in it.
I really love this tree. This one is about 3.5' tall and I would like to have one about 6' tall eventually. You see these on people's front porches all over Southern Ohio and Eastern Kentucky, but it has not caught on in Louisville. I think Louisville is too much of a provential city.
Provential,....does that mean "snooty"? Well, some might wonder, but I hope I am not!
I do not collect any one thing. I have many small groupings, stars, gingers, bunnies, crows, angels, and the Good Shepherd are just a few. I could never limit myself to just one interest.

This is a small grapevine tree that my mom gave to me and I remodeled it. I took off all of the lace, pearls, and ribbon and reapplied the moss and hung some of my little punkin dough crows on it. I topped it off with a small rusty barn star. I didn't want to put mini lights on it but it is large enough at the base to sit atop one of my handmade mini lights, so you can see the light through the twining vines.

It is late and that is all I am doing for tonight! Hope you enjoy it!

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