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May 30, 2008

Fat Friday!

Friday evening we attended the Fat Friday activities at Mariposa Place, an arts emphasis, adult day center that our son attends on Fridays. They do not call their patients "clients", but rather "friends", which I think is great way to help everyone to recognize folks with disabilities for who they are, actual people, not defective, unprofitable burdens on society. They offer an outlet for friends to profit from their abilities through art, music, and drama. They offer items made by them to the public for purchase. The center gets a portion and the artist gets the larger portion. Our son is a photographer. He sold two framed photos this evening!
While he was handing out phamplets to passersby, Larry and I walked around and looked in some of the little shops along the Avenue. There are many eateries and galleries as well, all as diverse as the people who run them. There are price ranges for almost everyone but you can have a nice time just strolling on the Avenue with free parking, or riding the free trolleys. There are street musicians to entertain you as well. I just never know!
I plan to organize some of the Louisville Dulcimer Society folks to come and strum in the courtyard alongside Mariposa place in July. We can put out a mason jar and collect donations to the center, maybe to help pay for a friend, like our son, who does not have funding to attend the center, if we are allowed to do that. He attends 3 hours a week because we have to use respite care funds to pay for it until January, when his waiver kicks in. I have emailed the Frankfort Avenue Business Assoc. and requested information on street music policy.
This week was short, with a holiday on Monday, but it has been very busy and seemed very full. I hope your week was full of good things too, even if the "good things" feel like "too much", as they sometimes do!
Strumming???? I planned to practice on the deck this evening but after mowing grass and grilling chicken for dinner, I fell asleep in the adirondack chair instead! Busy day....

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