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May 9, 2008

Step Around the Mountain

I was listening to a video of Jean Richie's Family Reunion on YouTube that showed a quilt that her mama was making for her that year, she called the pattern "Step Around the Mountain" and I recognized it as the same pattern as the quilt hanging in my family room! My mother passed it along to me a few weeks ago and I display it on a wall. It belonged originally to to my Granny, Martha Bayes. I don't know who made it, but I do know that it was given to her by someone, a friend, I think, because no one in the family quilted, that I know of.
I searched the internet for the pattern and could not find it anywhere, only a mention of someone else not being able to find it, so I decided to do it myself! I think it is a version of the "Trip Around the World" quilt, or vice versa. I figure that living in the mountains 5o years or more ago, the mountain would be "the world" to those who lived there, much like the Waltons' of Virginia. So either way, the name is appropriate, no matter the origin of it.
I also create digital graphics, so I decided to make my own digital version of the quilt pattern and this is what I came up with! I was so engrossed in this project that I worked nearly all night finishing it. That is nothing compared to the months of work that would go into creating an actual quilt. I have dabbled in quilting, making table runners, place mats, and other small projects, but I have not made a bed size one as of yet. I hope to someday, though.


  1. I am so delighted to find a Step Around the Moutain quilt. My grandmother made many quilts including this one. She sold as many as she could make. Back then she would sell a full bed quilt, hand quilted for only 50 dollars. I have made only one, but have two tops ready to quilt. I'll never be as good as my grandma was, but I try to put the best thing I know she put into hers and that was love. Thanks again, maybe I can figure out the pattern. I don't know what the identity means at the bottom of this, so I'll use anonymous for now.

  2. Hi,
    MY sister has the quilt ,but hers is in the circle,do you have the pattern?A couple of email friends sent me this web site hoping that this would help,but I need this for our quilting group.

  3. I am sorry for being so slow responding. I just now found your comment. I have no pattern. This one is digitally designed. I have one hanging on the wall that was my granny's. I should think you could use a postage stamp template and adapt it, maybe. Let me know what you have found! Teri

  4. I have searched for years for someone who has a quilt pattern for what my grandmother called "Goin' Round the Mountain." My grandmother, who lived in Tifton, Georgia, used this pattern in the 1940's. It is similar to the one that you have, but it is made with small octagons, instead of squares.