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Aug 16, 2010

Clearin' Up Days and a Brand New Box Lamp!

    I've spent the past 4 days re-organizing my work room and trying to decide what to cull and what to keep.  I call that a "clearin' up".  (If you have ever read "Uncle Tom's Cabin", you know what it means.  I read the book several years ago with my kids and discovered it, but I knew it from my family using the term when I was a kid.)  While sortin things out, I found a crow and 3 little pumpkins that I had made in the past and never used, so this is what I have done with them!
   Yesterday and today I put together a lamp in a box that I made from an old sign that I messed up and laid aside.  I eventually cut up the sign, created the box, and repainted the front of it with a star and 2 olde crows.  I have been using that box ever since to store my rusty wire, until today.  There was a small tote box that I was going to use for this project but it had a handle on top that was in the way, so I switched the two boxes and made up the lamp.
Click on the photos for a larger view!

Everything but the moss is grunged with cinnamon and sealed.  The cinnamon stick stems on the punkins are scented with cinnamon leaf essential oil.  There are also curly, rusty wire vines attached to them.  I did the grunging over the past 2 days because they were not grungy when I found them.  Nothing in the box is glued down.  They are all "tucked".
I hope you like it!

Grunged box front.

Grunged crow.

Grunged box end.

Grunged lamp.

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