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Mar 6, 2015

Changes bring....

Life has taken many unexpected turns for us over the past couple of years and change is always a challenge as well as a stimulus.  Both of our sons lost their apartments last summer and moved in with us.  One has just moved out again and we are trying to regroup.  Our autistic son is still with us.  He lost his housing assistance and we have been fighting to get it back, to no avail, thus far.  
    My desire to create is ever present but has been shelved for too long.  I am evaluating exactly what I want to begin doing again and what I need to let go of.  The old adage, "You can't do everything", is catching up with me, much to my dismay!    I love working with light and I have plenty of supplies to create lighted items but I'm not sure I will.  I also love mixing potpourri and essential oils, but that too must be evaluated as to whether I should pick it up again or not.   I may just try to "use up" what I have on hand and then let it go.   This is hard for me to do because I have always preferred to create several types of ways rather than doing the same thing all of the time.
   I received a wonderful gift from my hubby for our anniversary last December, a Babylock Destiny embroidery machine.  Because our sons have been living with us, space has been cramped, so I have not even taken it out of the box yet!  But one of them has moved out so it is time to initiate my new venture!  I have no training with it so I will be learning as I go.  I will continue creating in the primitive style for certain and my goal is to create and digitize my own designs.  There are a few primitive designs out there, but not a great deal, so the possibilities are wide open.  I will not be doing this as a business.  I will sell online and maybe do some shows, but that is about all.  I am heavily invested in my music: teaching, and performing, and that will remain my primary activity.  But it is hard to choose between the two, music and crafting!  
   We hope to have our son moved into the guest room next week and I will have my sewing room back, which also is my living room!  The main thing is that it will be "mine", to sew, sit, read, or whatever!  I need my own space!

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