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Jun 22, 2013

Gilda's Club Saturdays.....

    We are members of the Louisville Dulcimer Society and we go every Saturday morning to teach anyone who wants to learn at Gilda's Club Louisville, which is an education and support organization for persons and families that are dealing with cancers of any kind.  We got connected with the club when we played an evening concert and then broke up into small groups and taught those who wanted to play Boil Them Cabbage on that night.  Nearly everyone is able to play at least one song on the first lesson and then they blossom from there!  It is a wonderful way to use music to enrich our lives, with or without a cancer diagnosis!  Anyone can participate in the class; the patient, friend, or family member.  Larry and I are in the process of becoming members ourselves!



    The emotional blast of a cancer diagnosis is very difficult to deal with and having a community of support like this is priceless.  If you are someone who has been diagnosed or you have someone you love who is fighting the battle, Gilda's is a great  place to begin the conversations that no one wants to have about the "c" word.  Isn't it time we brought it out into the open?  I think so!!!

   This is Tom Wilson who also teaches dulcimer at Gilda's!  He was ready to participate in an antique  bicycle ride this afternoon.



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